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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Designing Your New Basement

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Design Ideas
*Media Room:    Since it’s quiet and secluded, the basement can be the perfect place to escape and watch a movie in an entertainment room or home theatre.  If your basement is dark, it can be ideal for a media room - simply install indirect lighting on a dimmer switch for once the show is over.  You’ll want to take special care with wall and floor covering as well as furnishings, to preserve the sound quality.
*Activity Room:    Whether it’s a home workshop for the do-it-yourselfer in the family, an art studio, or a child’s playroom, you can find a home for it in the basement.  It’s easily accessible yet out of the way, and will free up space upstairs.
*Laundry Room:    Consumers are asking home designers for more and more out of their laundry rooms and the basement is one spot where it’s easy to deliver.  It offers space that is usually hard to come by on a house’s main level, and is easy access to necessary components like water and drainage.
*Wine Cellar:    There’s a reason you’ve never heard of a “wine attic.” The temperature climate of a basement is perfectly suited for storing wine.  If you are a connoisseur - or would like to be - think about including a wine cellar in the plans for your new basement.
*Rec Room:    Entertaining can be a blast in a fully outfitted recreation room, complete with a pool table or other fun accessories.  Decorate however you would like, and have fun with it - homeowners often feel more comfortable taking chances with decorating themes in their basements that they might be hesitant to try upstairs.  A walkout basement can even be more suited for entertaining in warm weather if it opens up to a patio or backyard.
Home Spa:    If you want to really indulge - and enjoy the peace and quiet of the basement - consider adding a whirlpool or sauna to your basement.
With all these options, its no surprise that more and more homeowners are discovering the 
benefits of basements.
***Courtesy of eplans

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