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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Finish Your Basement

JH Basement Finish Company
Why Finish Your Basement
How can we recoup the money we invest in this project?
     Realtors and Investment Analysts agree that besides kitchen and bath renovations, Finished Basements provide the biggest return in homeowners’ investments.  Take this example from Remodeling Magazine.

Square Footage
Job Cost
Resale Value
Cost Recouped
National Average
     Now consider that JH Basement Finish come in approximately 30-32% below the National Average; this means you will show a profit of approximately 20% - 30% when you finish your basement with our company.  This profit can be increased even more dramatically when you decide to add a kitchen or wet-bar.
Why not an addition opposed to finishing our basement?
     According to Home plan Finder the cost of adding square footage to your home in the construction stage or in addition are as follows:

Low Price Per Square Foot
Med Price Per Square Foot
High Price Per Square Foot
     Since the national average for completely finishing your basement is between $35.00 and $70.00 a square foot; it is easy to see why this is a much better choice in adding additional square footage to your home.

What if we decide to move, how will finishing our basement affect the resale?
According to MoneySense, the answer is as follows:
     “If you can complete the basement you will increase the sale ability and price of your home...stick with an open-concept floor plan, and perhaps add a bedroom/office with French doors if the space permits, finish the bathroom also.  The important thing is not to make it look choppy.  When it is time to choose the colors go with very a light taupe and high white baseboards and a neutral carpet.  A  lot of people do not have the money to spend after making such a large purchase, so the fact of having a home that is totally finished (keep in mind that workmanship must be good) will definitely be a plus!”
     “Most people do not have the time, energy, finances, knowledge, etc to renovate so if it’s done with quality the home is more attractive, gets a better price and sells quicker.  By the way with a walkout basement, I would recommend you consider a multifunctional renovation.  In other words, since it’s a walkout consider doing the plumbing, electrical, and space planning for an apartment.  Parents are living longer, kids are staying at home to obtain an education so it’s a really smart idea.  If those situations don’t fit you then you could rent it out or visitors to your home can have complete privacy.”
     In addition to those long-term financial benefits, what are the other advantages?
*Climate:    Basements are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Because basements are naturally insulated by the earth, you’ll spend less on heating and cooling costs and find yourself drawn there on particularly hot or cold days.
*Peace and Quiet:    If you long for an escape from the hectic comings-and-goings upstairs, get away to the basement.  On the other hand, if your children’s playroom or your spouse’s exercise room makes too much of a racket where it is, move it to the basement and reclaim the quiet upstairs.
*More Space:    Maybe you were planning on using an extra bedroom as a home office before a new addition to the family created the need for a nursery.  With a basement you could always move the office downstairs.  With less and less space available around homes, expanding down is usually a more attractive option than expanding out.

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